This is formalism pt2

with model no3:

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This is formalism

A friend of mine who is involved in a nightclub here in Bergen asked me to sketch up a concept for a dj-booth they could build. So i did.

The main thought is to provide the dj with a safe and simple but also unorthodox booth. It has panels on all crowd-sides to stop people from meddling with the equipment and it has angled corners to avoid people dancing too near.

Location is a square room located under ground. The room has a small stage for bands and the room has window sills on one side where windows used to be. The sills is now transformed into seating areas.

I want to express the geometric features of the room by making an assymetric booth that polarises the geometry in the room. Think 90 degrees vs 45 degress. The booth has a center where the angles meet in the bottom which i hope will give a centered effect in favor of the dj. It is a visually demanding booth, so it will need a kick ass dj for the booth not to take all the focus. I think this is a good thing.


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Express STATIC on a gray wooden board 20x40cm

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My meeting with strangers

Location: Festplassen / Lille Lungegårdsvann, Bergen city centre, Norway

Concept/idea: Making the water surface accessible for human interaction.

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